"Based on my experience, I highly recommend Dr. Harmon. His expertise and compassion was excellent. He thoroughly answered all of my questions prior to the procedure and his calming nature put me at ease His staff is first class as well. For any of your MedSpa needs, see Dr. Harmon and you will not be disappointed!" - Self-Verified (via Vitals.com)

"Walking into Dr. Harmon’s office for the first time I was nervous and did not know what to expect. His soothing personality immediately helped calm my nerves. He took the time to explain everything we were doing in great detail, so by the time we started I felt completely at ease and knew I was in great hands. He makes asking questions easy, and is very honest and thorough with his answers. Hands down the greatest experience. (Not to mention, I appreciate not feeling pressured into anything I wasn’t interested in.) Dr. Harmon is THE BEST, and I have referred him to everyone I know!" - Self-Verified (via Vitals.com)

"One of the traits that impressed me about Dr. Harmon is his delivery of technical knowledge in the terms I understood. I felt very much at ease with the office visit, pre-surgical planning, surgery experience, and post-operative visits. His demeanor is kind and calm with a genuine authenticity. Incredibly efficient and capable practice support staff—pristine, modern. and sparkling clean office. The benefits and risks were well outlined, and I felt very much at ease. No surprises—'over the top' satisfied with results. I strongly recommend Dr. Harmon without hesitation." - JR (via RateMDs.com)

"My experience with Dr. Jeffrey Harmon has been nothing less than par-excellence. He is kind, takes his work very seriously and yet is very approachable. Dr. Harmon is candid about procedures and does not follow a one-size-fits-all formula. He has the best bedside manner of any doctor I have ever met. I knew exactly what to expect during every step -and I could not be happier with the results! The staff is amazing, and facility is state of the art!" - SM (via Google)

"Five stars. Doctor Harmon did ear lobe restructuring on my ears after my decades old piercings had stretched (years of heavy earrings and sleeping in earrings). He walked me through the process step by step all along the way (after a consultation of course) and everything was crystal clear to me. I have a huge fear of needles, but we got through it together (and it wasn't that bad - the worst part was the numbing shots of local anesthesia, which weren't a big deal). The surgery went incredibly well (I was shocked at how easy it was) and my ears healed up perfectly. About 12 weeks later I got my ears re-pierced by Dr. H and they also look wonderful. Obviously Kudos to Dr. Harmon, but also shout out to the wonderful Stacey and Kate who were the best administrator and surgery assistant anyone could ask for. If you are reading this review and wondering if Dr. Harmon is the guy to take care of you, just go to the consultation and you will quickly realize that yes, Dr. H and his team are incredible - plus the office feels like a medical spa. You will be well taken care of." - CG (via Google)

"Double my review, they get 10 ⭐ ️Go here first if you’re thinking of getting any work done. You won’t be disappointed." - TT (via Google)

"I have nothing but wonderful things to say about Dr. Harmon and his staff. They went above and beyond for me and my results exceeded all expectations. I feel blessed to have found them and would highly recommend!" - FT (via Google)

"Dr. Harmon is truly exceptional! From the moment I entered the doors to the office, I felt completely at ease. Words can't express how grateful I am to him and his staff. He is an incredibly caring and skilled surgeon. I can't thank him enough for the exceptional results and level of care I have received." - DD (via Google)

"I interviewed 4 doctors before going with Dr.Harmon after meeting with him I knew this was the guy! I'm 71 almost 72 wanted to be in a hospital sitting and that;s what he does Christ hosptal everyone there was wonderful was I scared Yes!! But he called me 8PM that night to check on me,,,Surgery was on a Friday...met me at his office Saturday 8Am then Sunday 8 AM to check one me! I went then on Wednesday 5 days later looking like a different person neck fixed, face looking like it did when I was 55 I also had the lip lift which I'm so glad I did! Now I noticed everyones lips. LOL. When I showed up he had flowers for me...I cried. I can't say enough about this wonderful young man if you're on the fence go with him! He is the only one in Cincy with this technique. Also everyone in the office is wonderful! I'dd a picture when completely healed even tho now I look great 9 days out...I'm now convertable wearing a V neck shirt no turtle necks for me! The office has my number if you have any questions. I can't say enough!" - DH (via Google)

"Dr. Harmon is so kind, patient, and a true pro. I'm thrilled with my results and the ease of recovery. He was very informative and supportive through every step of the process and he was always happy to answer questions. I would highly recommend him!" - MS (via Google)

"I went to Dr Harmon to address a mole removal. I had a mole on my forehead and with each pregnancy it got bigger and would protrude off my face. Under certain lighting it would cast shadows appearing larger or like a big zit. I was really self conscious of it but I was also very nervous to remove it since it’s MY FACE! Dr Harmon and his staff were incredibly kind and helpful in scheduling, and explaining what the procedure would intel. I’m almost a year post removal and I am so glad I did it! I wish I would have done it sooner! He made my scar virtually invisible and placed my stitches in a way that looks natural with my expression lines. I cannot thank them enough!" - CB (via Google)

"Dr. Harmon was recommened by several nurses I work with. The office/ surgery area was very distinguished and had State-of The Art equipment. Very impressed by his excellent rapport, detailed skills and thorough procedure follow-up. He made me feel 100% comfortable. I am very happy with my Otoplasty results. Dr. Harmon delivers 1st Class service which is unparallel. I highly recommend him." - JT (via Google)

"I came to Dr. Harmon with a functional breathing problem with my nose. My one nostril would collapse because the cartilage in my nose tip had moved off to one side, and the other would pinch and close as well. He explained how it would be fixed and explained what I could expect cosmetically in terms of making the nose tip straighter and more symmetric again. He encouraged me to ask questions and he answered all my questions fully. I also decided to have the bump on my nose removed since I would already be having surgery. I never felt any pressure to move forward until I was ready and comfortable. I am one month post-op and my results are already fantastic, even with the expected swelling in my nose tip. My nose looks so much better and still completely natural. Most importantly, I can breathe normally again! I can't recommend Dr. Harmon enough. He truly cares about his patients, which you can see from his initial consultation all the way through post-op care and follow-up. Stacey is also a pleasure to work with regarding any questions you may have and scheduling. Excellent surgeon and excellent staff!" - DS (via Google)

"Wonderful, kind, and supportive staff! Dr. Harmon and employees did such a great job informing me of my desired procedure, and were transparent every step of the way! I love my results and I cannot recommend them enough. Thank you Dr. Harmon!" - MW (via Google)

"Dr. Harmon is literally the best. He is so caring and compassionate. He did an amazing job with my procedure and was so patient listening to my concerns before and after. He makes you feel valued and not just like a way to make money. He actually talked me out of more procedures which shows he truly cares more about his clients than bringing in businesses. I would absolutely recommend him for any cosmetic procedures." - KH (via Google)

"I am so happy and grateful that I chose Dr. Harmon for my surgery. When I came to Dr. Harmon with my concerns, he was so knowledgeable and helpful in explaining my options. His extensive training puts him at the top of his field, yet he explained the procedure carefully and patiently in layman’s terms. Dr. Harmon’s team is top-notch, and Stacey, his office assistant, is super kind and took the time to help me feel comfortable and confident about my decision. On the day of the surgery I was made super comfortable – his onsite option (as opposed to a hospital) made the day relaxed for me and easy for my husband to provide transportation. Pre and post-surgical instructions were very clear and detailed and I felt supported from start to finish. Despite all this, in the end, what I am most grateful for are the results! Dr. Harmon’s work was just what I hoped for. I feel like I look like myself except better – younger, fresher, and happier! I did my homework before choosing Dr. Harmon, and I am so very happy that I did. He is a brilliant surgeon and a kind human being. Plastic surgery is a big decision but I am happy I chose to go forward and even happier that I chose Dr. Harmon." - EC (via Google)

"What an amazing experience with Dr. Harmon and his staff! From the initial inquiry to the OR his staff is kind and knowledgeable. His skill level and attention to detail remind you why you chose him out of the endless possibilities to be your plastic surgeon! His credentials are impressive and yet his approach to your needs are compassionate. Dr. Harmon is thorough in the consult, in the pre- op information, and the post care. You see him at every visit which was a refreshing approach. You feel like he is walking with you through your post care! When you ask a question he is patient and detailed in his answers. He cares and you feel it! Dr Harmon takes precautions on so many levels to make sure your recovery process is uneventful and smooth. I honestly can’t recommend highly enough the thought and effort into my own procedure by this staff. Also there is no push for a procedure that wouldn’t be beneficial to your specific needs. I did my own research and felt confident in choosing this surgeon and was happy that I did!" - TW (via Google)

"I was so pleased with the results of my procedure! Dr. Harmon was so knowledgeable and explained each procedure in great detail so that I was able to choose which was right for me. I loved that he did all of the injections himself. Dr. Harmon even called later the night of my procedure to make sure I was happy and feeling well. I loved how personal he was from beginning to end!" - MB (via Google)

"My experience with Dr. Jeffrey Harmon has been nothing less than par-excellence. He is kind, takes his work very seriously and yet is very approachable. Dr. Harmon is candid about procedures and does not follow a one-size-fits-all formula. He has the best bedside manner of any doctor I have ever met. I knew exactly what to expect during every step -and I could not be happier with the results! The staff is amazing, and facility is state of the art!" - SM (via Google)

Disclaimer: All testimonials and reviews are real stories from real patients receiving treatments at Harmon Facial Plastic Surgery. Individual results may vary.