Laser Resurfacing

Laser Resurfacing Before & After Images

LF_Three Quarters.png

This 58-year-old patient came to Dr. Harmon to address sagging cheeks and jowls, loose tissue in her neck, facial wrinkles, and a lengthened upper lip. An extended deep plane facelift, neck lift, and lip lift were performed. Lip filler was added to balance out her bottom lip with her top lip. Finally, the patient underwent treatment with a fractional CO2 laser in addition to nano-fat grafting of the wrinkles around her mouth. The patient is thrilled with her results only a few months after surgery.

SB_Three Quarters.png

This 53-year-old patient came to Dr. Harmon to address drooping eyebrows, drooping cheeks, jowls, and a hanging neck. A lateral temporal brow lift, extended deep plane facelift, and neck lift were performed. She is thrilled with her results one year after surgery. She is also eight months out from a fractional ablative CO2 laser treatment to her face.

Disclaimer: All before-and-after images are of real patients receiving treatments at Harmon Facial Plastic Surgery. The patients have provided written consent permitting the sharing of these images. Individual results may vary.