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What Can Botox© Treatment of the Corner of the Jawline (Masseter Muscles) Achieve?

Patients have increasingly sought treatment of the corner of the jawline with products such as Botox© for cosmetic and functional purposes. The muscles treated are called the masseter muscles. This blog post seeks to clarify what the masseter muscles are, what cosmetic and/or functional concerns they can contribute to, and how treatment with products such as Botox© may benefit these cosmetic and/or functional concerns. My expertise as an aesthetic facial plastic surgeon is in addressing cosmetic concerns with the masseter muscles. Any functional improvements are wonderful potential secondary benefits. Seek a fellowship-trained facial plastic surgeon in order to determine whether treatment of your jawline with Botox© is right for you.

The Masseter Muscles Are for Chewing

The masseter muscles are large, strong muscles that sit on either side of the back corner of the jawline. They are one of multiple muscles that contribute to chewing. Tension in this muscle can contribute to jaw pain as well as teeth grinding at night, also known as bruxism. Large masseter muscles can contribute to fullness in the back of the jawline, resulting in the appearance of a wide jawline, which can be an aesthetic concern, especially in women.

Treatment of the Masseter Muscles with Botox© Can Benefit a Patient Aesthetically

Products such as Botox© are injected into the lower part of the masseter muscles, which attaches at the back and bottom corner of the jawline. Botox© is injected into the deep muscle to be effective while still preserving strong chewing function. The purpose of this treatment is to reduce the size of the masseter muscle by reducing its strong contraction. The overall aesthetic effect that can be achieved is a reduction in the width of the jawline.

Treatment of the Masseter Muscles with Botox© Can Benefit a Patient Functionally

Products such as Botox© are frequently placed in the same location in the masseter muscles to treat tightness in the jaw as well as bruxism. Patients seeking treatment of enlarged masseter muscles often mention the above concerns as well. And, while the primary purpose of placing Botox© in the masseter muscles at Harmon Facial Plastic surgery is for aesthetic purposes, any potential functional benefit is welcomed. Patient often return to clinic excited because their jaw symptoms improve after treatment.

Treatment of the Masseter Muscles with Botox© is Safe and Effective but an FDA Off-Label Use

It is important to note that injection of the masseter muscles with Botox© or other similar products is an FDA off-label use of these medications. However, there are multiple locations in which these medications have been used FDA off-label for many years safely and effectively. For example, Botox© was FDA approved for use in the forehead in 2017 but had been used safely and effectively in this location for many years prior to its approval. It is important to have a conversation about this with your facial plastic surgeon.

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