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Trapezius Botox i.e., “Trap Tox” or “Barbie Tox”: Is it Safe and Effective?

The treatment of the trapezius muscle with Botox© or similar medications has become a trending topic on social media, including Tik Tok. Commonly referred to as “Trap Tox” or “Barbie Tox,” this FDA off-label treatment has primarily aesthetic goals with reported potential secondary functional benefits. In fact, treatment of the trapezius muscle with Botox® or similar medications has been popular in Soth Korea for many years. Please see an earlier blog post The Right to Beauty and the Development of Plastic Surgery in Brazil and South Korea for more information. It is important to seek not only a fellowship-trained but also a double board-certified facial plastic surgeon if you have aesthetic concerns about your face and/or neck.

The Trapezius Muscle Extends Over the Neck, Shoulders, and Back

The trapezius muscle is a pair of triangular muscles that fan over the neck, back, and shoulders. The muscle contributes to balance of the head and stability of the shoulder girdle. This muscle commonly tenses up, leading to neck and shoulder discomfort. It tapers from the neck to the shoulder, the height of which can make the neck appear shorter or longer, depending on its size.

The Purpose of the Procedure is to Relieve Shoulder Stress and Make the Neck Appear Longer

Botox® or similar medications is injected into the trapezius muscle on either side of the neck with the goal of weakening this limited area of the muscle around the neck. The purpose of this treatment is to reduce the fullness of this muscle around the neck, thereby making the neck appear longer. This purported effect is the reason the procedure is among the most popular aesthetic procedures performed in South Korea. Another reported benefit of this procedure is a reduction of muscle tension around the neck.

Placement of Botox® or Similar Medications in the Trapezius Muscle Has Important Safety Considerations

There are important safety considerations with placement of Botox® or similar medications in the trapezius muscle. First, the treatment is FDA off-label. As a result, its safety and effectiveness has not yet been officially established. Second, the trapezius muscle has important functions in stabilizing the neck and shoulders that could be affected by treatment of this muscle. Facial plastic surgeons encounter the trapezius muscle frequently in our head and neck surgery residency training when treating cancer. There is a nerve called the accessory nerve that supplies the signals for the trapezius muscle to move. This nerve and the trapezius muscle can sometimes be involved with head and neck cancer. The nerve and parts of the muscle near the neck need to be removed in these instances. A resultant non-functional trapezius muscle can lead to debilitating neck and shoulder dysfunction as well as shoulder pain. While the goal is to weaken only a small portion of the trapezius muscle near the neck to limit the potential functional sequelae of treatment, placement of Botox® or similar medications in the trapezius muscle does carry the above risk.

Trust Your Face to a Facial Plastic Surgeon

It is important to seek a fellowship-trained specialist in plastic surgery of the face and neck when you have concerns about your face or neck.

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