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How Are Drains Cared for After Extended Deep Plane Facelift and Neck Lift Surgery?

Small drains are an important component of the post-operative recovery after an extended deep plane facelift and neck lift at Harmon Facial Plastic Surgery in Cincinnati. While they are usually in place only for one day, the care of these drains is essential while they remain in place.

Drains are an Essential Component of the Post-Operative Recovery

Small drains extending from the side of the neck to the central neck are placed on both sides of the face during extended deep plane facelift and neck lift surgery. These drains exit above the incision behind the ears and within the hair. Bulbs are placed on the end of the drains to place the drains on suction. Drains are an essential component of the post-operative care after extended deep plane facelift and neck lift surgery because they can reduce bruising and swelling and reduce the risk of the accumulation of blood or other body fluid under the tissue of the face and neck. It takes time for everything that was lifted to heal back down. The placement of drains can accelerate this process.

Drains Usually Remain in Place for Only One Day

The drains are secured to a loose-fitting dressing around the head and neck. Patients are evaluated the morning after surgery. The drain output is measured. The drains are generally removed the morning after surgery if the output remains within an appropriate range of volume. There are narrow exceptions, however.

Drains are Observed and Emptied Prior to Their Removal

Drains are observed for their output by the patient’s caregiver after surgery. The bulbs to which the drains are attached have a side port that allows the bulbs’ contents to be emptied as needed. This process is simple and helpful to ensure healing progresses as expected.

Trust Your Face to a Facial Plastic Surgeon

It is important to seek a fellowship-trained specialist in plastic surgery of the face and neck when you have concerns about your face or neck.

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