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How are Hair Follicles Kept Alive Prior to Transplantation?

Follicular units, which are composed of one or more hair follicles (usually up to four) and important support structures for the hair generating follicles, are removed from a donor site in the back of the scalp and transferred to areas of hair loss during hair restoration surgery. One important factor, among many, to a successful hair restoration surgery procedure is the survival of these grafts between their removal from the donor site and implantation in the recipient site. As a result, extensive research has been conducted to determine the ideal solution to maintain these follicular unit grafts. However, there is no perfect graft solution. We at Harmon Facial Plastic Surgery feel our graft solution provides the best support to the follicular units prior to their transplantation based on the best-available scientific evidence. Seek a fellowship trained facial plastic surgeon if you have aesthetic concerns about your face or neck.

Grafts are Stored in a Specialized, Chilled Solution

Solutions surrounding cells can contain a concentration of electrolytes lower, the same as, or higher than the internal composition of the cells themselves. This affects the shift of fluid between the outside to inside the cells. Solutions such as saline and Plasmalyte are often used to preserve hair follicles. We at Harmon Facial Plastic Surgery use chilled Hypothermosol. Hypothermosol models the interior of the cells in hair follicles. This allows hair follicles to survive for hours off the scalp. Chilled solutions are especially important in reducing the oxygen demand of the follicular units and, therefore, the energy requirements of the grafts when they are outside of the body. This solution is more expensive than the alternatives. We feel our patients deserve this.

ATP is Energy Added to the Solution

The addition of energy in the form of the molecule ATP can extend the survival of grafts in the chilled Hypothermosol solution from hours to days based on research. Again, this is an added expense. However, it is worth it to provide the best result possible for our patients.

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It is important to seek a fellowship-trained specialist in plastic surgery of the face and neck when you have concerns about your face or neck.

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