Brow lift in Cincinnati, Ohio

History of Brow Aesthetics and Lateral Temporal Brow Lift

More advanced surgical techniques for addressing a drooping brow have been developed as our understanding of facial anatomy has advanced. This is in line with an evolving preference for more natural, subtle results for a brow lift. People with concerns about drooping eyebrows often benefit from a lateral temporal brow lift.

Women tend to have a more “peaked” eyebrow than men. However, as aesthetic preferences have changed this peak has become less dramatic, reflecting a more sophisticated desire for a natural look to their eyebrows. That is where the lateral temporal brow lift comes in.

The lateral temporal brow lift is the most advanced surgical technique to provide a long-lasting, natural, improvement in drooping eyebrows while preventing the development of an unnaturally “surprised” appearance. It is the best approach for most patients, who are usually bothered by drooping of the sides of the eyebrows. Like the extended deep plane facelift, the lateral temporal lift involves the release of all the tension points around the eyebrow so that it can be lifted precisely and without tension, thereby improving results, healing, and longevity of the procedure.

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