5 Questions for a Designer: Reztark Design Studio

The following interview is with Christie L. Krazter, Principal at Reztark Design Studio. Reztark Design Studio developed the architectural and interior design plans for Harmon Facial Plastic Surgery.

Tell us about your educational and professional background and that of the team that worked on the Harmon Facial Plastic Surgery office.

I am an Interior Designer with a Bachelor of Science in Interior Design from the University of Cincinnati. I have 35 years of experience in all areas of design: retail, hospitality, restaurant, multifamily, senior living, medical office, and workplace. The team for Harmon Facial Plastic Surgery was comprised of architects, interior designers, and graphic designers. They all have professional degrees with 10 plus years of experience.


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Describe your team's creative process when designing the architecture and interiors for brands.

At Reztark, we believe in a wholistic, egoless approach to design. We believe our clients are very much a part of team process. Most clients/ brands know who they are as a brand better than we do so we actively listen to our clients. If a client is not sure who they are, we go through a process of evaluating their brand and giving it definition describing what they are or want to be. Every project has its own specific requirements which direct us in our process for the design. No 2 projects are ever the same.

How do you think an interior in a medical practice should make patients feel?

In a medical office a patient and employee should be well taken care of, safe and calm. It is as important for the patients as well as the staffs feelings and emotions be considered in the final solution for the design.


Instagram: @reztark

How did you interpret the branding provided by Harmon Facial Plastic Surgery and translate it so beautifully into the design of the office design and interior?

Every detail from the layout and flow of the office to the door frames, lighting and the furniture reflect the values and mission of the practice so beautifully. Dr. Harmon had a very strong passion for his practice. We took what had been developed as a Brand and listened to how the team at Harmon Facial Plasdtic Surgery felt about the practice. Dr. Harmon loves architecture and design which made it easy to communicate our passion for the interiors. They are all about the details as a facial plastic surgery center. The patients needed to know they would be taken care of with the same level of detail as the interior provided. It is very important to use color, finishes and light to make a patient look and feel wonderful about themselves.

Does your team at Reztark have an as-yet unfulfilled dream design project?

We are always looking for new ways to develop a design through construction technics to interior materials and new technologies. Active learning is the most needed part of our jobs. We are currently the firm responsible for the renovation and redesign of the Terrace Plaza Hotel. It will be a signature project once complete. We are also working on a very dense mixed-use project in Blue Ash, Ohio called the Blue. We love the Rubix cube of complex projects.

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