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The “Fox Eye” Procedure: What is It and is it Worthwhile?

The “Fox Eye” procedure has become a trending topic on social media, including TikTok. The procedure stretches the side of the eyebrow and temple skin. It most likely involves the use of barbed stitches/sutures in a manner like threading in the face and neck. Everyone is entitled to their own conception of what is beautiful. However, the significant limits of the use of threading and the resultant significant distortion of the anatomy it causes make the procedure not worthwhile in the opinion of Dr. Harmon. This procedure is sometimes confused with the lateral temporal brow lift surgical procedure. In contrast with the “Fox Eye” procedure, this surgical procedure can provide a long-lasting and natural-appearing lift of drooping lateral eyebrows and smoothing of the temple tissue in the appropriate candidate. This blog post seeks to explain the problems with the “Fox Eye” procedure and to contrast it with the lateral temporal brow lift. It is recommended to seek a fellowship-trained facial plastic surgeon when you have aesthetic concerns about your face or neck.

The “Fox Eye” Procedure Significantly Distorts the Facial Anatomy in an Unnatural-Appearing Way

The “Fox Eye” look appears exaggerated and pulled. The area stretched to the side and up includes the most lateral portion of the eyebrow and the temple skin. The procedure does not appear to result in facial anatomy that approximates the range of what humans normally demonstrate. A similar effect can occur with older, less effective facelift techniques that can result in a distorted mouth and “windswept” appearance. This effect runs counter to the philosophy of Dr. Harmon, who strongly feels that directly addressing as many of the underlying causes of age-related changes to the face is the best way for natural appearing results.

The “Fox Eye” Procedure is Likely Performed Using Dissolvable Barbed Stitches

Threading, which involves the use of dissolvable barbed stitches/sutures inserted into the skin in multiple locations, is likely the most common method used to achieve a “fox eye” look. Dr. Harmon does not endorse the use of threading anywhere in the face. First, the stitch/suture is simply a commonly used dissolvable suture but with barbs on it. The effect is temporary because the suture is dissolvable, typically lasting only a few months. Second, the sutures are placed blindly into tissue planes, making appropriate placement difficult. Third, there is no surgical separation of the volume that needs to be lifted from the deeper structures of the face or the release of this tissue from tension points in the face that would be necessary to prevent distortion of the facial anatomy.

The Lateral Temporal Brow Lift is a Surgical Procedure that Can Provide a Natural Appearing Lift of the Lateral Brow and Temple

The lateral temporal brow lift contrasts with the “Fox Eye” procedure because it is a surgical procedure that involves the dissection of volume off the deeper structures of the face, including the release of tension points along the eyebrow. The result is the lifting of the lateral brow and smoothing of the temple volume in a long-lasting manner without distorting the surrounding anatomy. And while dissolvable stitches/sutures are used to suspend the tissue, this is only temporary until the lifting tissue has had time to heal against the deeper tissue again. As with all procedures, however, a consultation with a qualified surgeon is essential to determine whether an individual is a candidate for the lateral temporal brow lift.

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It is important to seek a fellowship-trained specialist in plastic surgery of the face and neck when you have concerns about your face or neck.

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