Extended deep plane facelift in Cincinnati, Ohio

How to Evaluate a Cheek Lift with the Extended Deep Plane Facelift

One major benefit of deep plane facelift surgery, including the extended deep plane facelift, is that unlike other facelift approaches the natural volume of the cheeks can be lifted. The benefits of this are best appreciated dynamically and in-person. However, images can capture some of the nuances of a cheek lift. See the following blog post discussing the differences between a cheek lift with deep plane facelift surgery and fat augmentation of the cheeks. Seek a fellowship-trained facial plastic surgeon if you have concerns about your face and neck. Ask them if they have been fellowship-trained in deep plane facelift surgery, specifically the extended deep plane facelift.

The Face Can Look More Heart-Shaped

One benefit from deep plane facelift surgery is that the face can appear overall more heart-shaped and less “bottom-heavy” or “boxy.” This is due not only to the cheek lift but also the treatment of the jowls.

Cincinnati Cheek Lift Marked
Cheek Lift in Cincinnati Marked

The Height of the Lower Eyelid Bags Can Improve

One effect of a cheek lift associated with the extended deep plane facelift is that it can make the height of lower eyelid bags appear shorter. This is demonstrated by the vertical yellow lines on the images. This is because the natural volume of the cheek is lifted towards the lower eyelid. While a cheek lift is no replacement for lower eyelid surgery (blepharoplasty), it can contribute to restoring some of the natural, smooth volume transition from the lower eyelids to the cheeks that is typically present in youth.

A Smoother Transition Across the Cheek Can be Achieved

A cross-face depression can develop as the natural volume of the cheeks falls down and to the center of the face with age. This is due to the fact that the volume falls away from a prominent bone on the lateral cheek. This area is indicated by the blue ovals on the images. Deep plane facelift surgery can improve this transition by lifting some of the natural volume of the cheek up into this depression, thereby filling it.

The Depth of the Nasolabial Folds Can Improve

The nasolabial folds are present naturally, even in youth. They are the result of a ligament that extends from the bone to the skin. These folds indicate the transition from the cheeks to the upper lip. As a result, their presence is necessary to impart a natural appearance to the face. However, the natural volume of the cheeks tends to fall down and to the center of the face with age. Deep plane facelift surgery, by lifting the natural volume of the cheeks, can relieve some of this overhang. This is demonstrated by the red ovals on the images.

Extended Deep Plane Facelift in Cincinnati
Cincinnati Deep Plane Facelift Before and After Front

Every Patient is Unique and Results Can Vary

Every patient has unique anatomy. For example, our natural volume varies in amount and location. As a result, the results of the extended deep plane facelift are expected to vary between patients. An area of the face may improve more or less than others. After all, no technique is perfect. We as facial plastic surgeons cannot “wind the clock back” to whatever age we choose. The extended deep plane facelift does, however, mean to address the signs of facial aging more comprehensively than other facelift approaches. This blog post is simply a guide to help you evaluate some of the improvements that can occur because of the procedure.

Trust Your Face to a Facial Plastic Surgeon

It is important to seek a fellowship-trained specialist in plastic surgery of the face and neck when you have concerns about your face or neck.

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