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How Do Brow Lift Procedures Differ?

There are a range of approaches to lifting the eyebrows, the best of which depends on the specific anatomy of a patient as well as their aesthetic goals. While the list below is not comprehensive, it highlights two important approaches to the brow lift as well as the considerations that go into choosing which is the most appropriate approach. Seek a fellowship-trained facial plastic surgeon to help determine whether any of these procedures may be able to address your concerns and desires.

A Lateral Temporal Brow Lift Naturally Addresses the Most Common Age-Related Concern Patients Have About Drooping Brows

The lateral temporal brow lift, also referred to as an endoscopic brow lift, can address the most common concerns about the eyebrows. Most individuals express concern about age-related drooping of the lateral eyebrows over their eyes. This can result in “hooding” or an overhang of skin and fat over the lateral eyes. As a result, the eyebrow can develop an exaggerated curve where the lateralmost portion of the eyebrow curves down around the eye rather can canting upward laterally. The lateral temporal brow lift lifts the lateral brow up and out in a tension-free manner, which is key to a natural, long-lasting result. Only two incisions placed behind the hairline are required. The lateral temporal lift can lift the medial brow up to approximately 3 mm as well. If more than approximately 3 mm of medial brow lift is required, the medial brows can be lifted more with only two additional small incisions hidden in the hair. The lateral temporal lift results in no removal of skin or hair follicles, an enormous benefit associated with the procedure.

A Pretrichial or Trichophytic Brow Lift May Be a Good Option for Revision Procedures and Those with a High Hairline Seeking to Lower It

Another approach to the brow lift involves a longer incision extending across the hairline. The incision can be placed slightly into the hairline (trichophytic) or along the hairline (pretrichial). A pretrichial or trichophytic brow lift may be the best approach for those individuals who are not only seeking a brow lift but who also have a very high hairline, such as men with receding hairlines or women with a high forehead. This technique can lower the hairline and improve the appearance of the forehead. This technique is also potentially a good option for revision procedures in which a previous lift was too aggressive, resulting in a “surprised” appearance to the eyes.

Trust Your Face to a Facial Plastic Surgeon

It is important to seek a fellowship-trained specialist in plastic surgery of the face and neck when you have concerns about drooping eyebrows.

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