Dr. Harmon to Start Seeing Patients in Northern Kentucky!

We at Harmon Facial Plastic Surgery are thrilled to begin seeing patients in consultation at Derm Aesthetics of Northern Kentucky – located at 8275 Ewing Blvd, Florence, KY 41042 – starting June 4th, 2024!

While Dr. Harmon will continue to practice and operate primarily out of his main office in Cincinnati, this is a wonderful opportunity to care for his Kentucky patients closer to their home.

This decision is the result of the identified need for a fellowship-trained facial plastic surgeon in an area that is growing rapidly. “I grew up in Northern Kentucky" states Dr. Harmon, "as a result, I knew there was a need and desire for the services of a fellowship-trained surgeon focused exclusively on the face in the area.

Dr. Harmon explains that “I waited a while and carefully considered the timing of this, because I sought the expertise and experience of a complementary physician focused on aesthetics who is well established in the area.” Dr. Harmon sought someone who is not only a skilled clinician but who also has an excellent reputation caring for their patients. The esteemed dermatologist, Dr. Susan Bushelman at Derm Aesthetics of Northern Kentucky fits the bill perfectly. Dr. Harmon and Dr. Bushelman share the mission of helping guide people along their journey towards feeling confident. They also share the tireless drive to ensure people know they are welcomed, listened to, and respected.

Schedule a consultation with Dr. Harmon at Derm Aesthetics of Northern Kentucky by phone at 513-813-1400, by email at info@harmonface.com, or by sending an inquiring through the website at the following link.

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It is important to seek a fellowship-trained specialist in plastic surgery of the face and neck when you have concerns about your face or neck.

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