Filler migration in Cincinnati, Ohio

What is Filler Migration?

Filler migration involves the movement of injected filler (e.g., hyaluronic acid filler) away from the location in which it was initially injected. This is a very rare occurrence in skilled, experienced hands. There are various reasons why filler migration may occur. All are based on conjecture. It is important to seek out a well-trained specialist in the non-surgical care of the face who has experience with injectables to minimize the risk of filler migration.

Filler Migration Can Occur Anywhere but is More Noticeable in Specific Locations

Filler migration can occur anywhere. However, it tends to be noticed more in specific locations such as the lips and the tear troughs.

Physical Signs of Filler Migration

The sign of filler migration is new volume in an area where it was not previously injected with filler. The changed contours can distort or eliminate the natural transition points from one anatomic region to another.

It is important to note, however, that swelling is normal after the injection of hyaluronic acid filler. Furthermore, this swelling can develop outside the area injected. Swelling tends to resolve after a few days but up to approximately two weeks. It rarely lasts longer than two weeks.

The Product Used, Total Volume Injected, and the Depth of Injection All Likely Affect the Risk of Migration

Too much product injected too superficially may be the primary reasons why filler migration occurs, though this is not proven in the medical literature. Furthermore, there is no “threshold” volume in one location over which filler migration is likely to occur. However, it stands to reason that the more mobile superficial tissue planes can push filler in locations it was not initially injected. This becomes more likely the more volume is added. Every patient is different and, therefore, can tolerate a specific volume before being overdone.

It is important, however, to avoid layering too much filler, especially different products, prior to the previously injected filler dissolving adequately. This can result in the gradual accumulation of too much filler that then migrates.

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It is important to seek a fellowship-trained specialist in plastic surgery of the face when you have concerns about your face.

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