Lower Eyelid Skin Pinch in Cincinnati, Ohio

What is a Lower Eyelid Skin Pinch and What Can It Do for Me?

Lower eyelid surgery (blepharoplasty) can treat heavy bags, loose muscle, and redundant/folded over skin. Each of these features can cause the eyes to look tired and aged. The procedure can be tailored to treat any or all these features, depending on what concerns the patient. For example, some demonstrate changes in their skin only. These individuals may benefit from a minimally invasive lower eyelid skin pinch. This procedure has been available for decades but has recently become popularized on social media, including TikTok. Seek a fellowship-trained facial plastic surgeon if you have aesthetic concerns about your face or neck.

The Overall Effect of the Lower Eyelid Skin Pinch is a Smoother Lower Eyelid

The procedure involves the “pinching” of excess skin immediately below the eyelashes – no eyelashes are cut during the procedure – that is carefully removed such that the incision hides below the eyelash line and into a natural wrinkle (crow’s feet). In effect, this procedure allows the skin of the lower eyelid to be lifted like a facelift, creating a smoother lower eyelid.

Lower Eyelid Skin Pinch Before-and-After in Cincinnati, Ohio

This 50-year-old patient demonstrated only redundant lower eyelid skin. She was an excellent candidate for a lower eyelid skin pinch.

The Lower Eyelid Skin Pinch Can be Performed Painlessly Under Local Anesthesia

The lower eyelid skin pinch is often performed with other procedures when a patient is receiving IV sedation. However, it can also be performed painlessly under local anesthesia, especially if it is being performed as a singular procedure. Stiches (sutures) are removed only five (5) days after surgery.

Candidates for a Lower Eyelid Skin Pinch are Often but Not Always Younger

Patients who may benefit from a lower eyelid skin pinch tend to be younger than those who typically seek lower eyelid surgery (blepharoplasty), with many patients in their early 40s. However, patients of any age may benefit from the procedure if they demonstrate signs of aging in the lower eyelids that are limited to the skin. Moreover, undergoing a lower eyelid skin pinch does not prevent you from having lower eyelid bags treated in the future if they develop.

Laser Resurfacing is a Less Effective Alternative to the Lower Eyelid Skin Pinch

Resurfacing procedures of the skin, which include lasers, chemical peels, and dermabrasion, can treat fine- and medium-depth wrinkles in the skin of the lower eyelids. These are wonderful procedures that can produce excellent results in the right patient. However, none of these procedures can tighten the skin in the lower eyelid to the extent that a lower eyelid skin pinch can. It is important to have a detailed discussion with your surgeon about the differences between these non-surgical procedures and a surgical option such as the lower eyelid skin pinch.

Trust Your Face to a Facial Plastic Surgeon

It is important to seek a fellowship-trained specialist in plastic surgery of the face and neck when you have concerns about your face or neck.

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