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What are Common Areas to Receive Fat Augmentation in the Face?

Some individuals lose volume (i.e., fat) in their face as they age. Other individuals are born with poor volume and/or poor projection of their facial bones. Both individuals may benefit from fat augmentation. Seek a fellowship-trained facial plastic surgeon to help determine whether fat augmentation may be able to address your concerns and desires.

Fat Augmentation is a More Permanent Alternative to Dermal Filler for the Face

Fat augmentation involves the transfer of fat cells from other areas of the body (e.g., thigh, abdomen) to the face in areas with poor volume. The fat cells are carefully distributed evenly and at an appropriate depth to increase the volume of the target area. There are two areas of the face that are commonly augmented with fat.


The temples can hollow with age. Fat transfer to this location can restore some of that volume, in effect balancing out the volume in the lateral eyebrows. That is why fat augmentation of the temples can serve as a nice complement to the lateral temporal brow lift procedure. It is important to place the fat at the proper depth to maximize how smooth the contour of this volume is. It is a bit like adding a thick, viscous liquid to a balloon. The lining of the balloon stretches but tends to remain smooth because the liquid is distributed under the surface area of what is thick balloon material more evenly. In contrast, placement of the fat more superficially is more likely to lead to contour irregularities.


Some lose significant volume in their cheeks with age. A midface (i.e., cheek) lift through the extended deep plane facelift may be inadequate to re-approximate the youthful heart-shaped appearance to the face in those select circumstances. It is important to understand that the cheek is composed of multiple subzones, each of which volume can be lost in variably. Therefore, it is important to consider all subzones when adding volume, whether with fat or hyaluronic acid filler.

Fat Augmentation is Generally a Poor Replacement for a Cheek Lift

Fat augmentation can sometimes be a useful adjunct to but is generally a poor replacement for a cheek lift with the extended deep plane facelift. Augmenting the cheeks with large volumes of fat to mask drooping cheek fat can make the face appear overly rounded and unnatural, because the drooping cheek fat remains in an area that typically has a lower volume in youth. High volume fat augmentation also increases the risk of contour irregularities and asymmetries.

Trust Your Face to a Facial Plastic Surgeon

It is important to seek a fellowship-trained specialist in plastic surgery of the face and neck when you have concerns about volume loss in the face.

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