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Skin Care After Laser Resurfacing of the Face

Laser resurfacing of the face can address wrinkles and other irregularities of the tone and texture of the skin resulting in a softer, more youthful appearance to the face. Good skin care after treatment with a resurfacing laser is essential. The following post describes this process. Seek a fellowship-trained facial plastic surgeon if you have questions or concerns about your face or neck.

The Skin Heals in an Average of Seven to Ten Days After Laser Resurfacing

The first seven to ten days are essential to the healing process after laser resurfacing of the face. The top layers of the skin are healing. It is essential to avoid the sun during this time. It is also essential to keep the treatment areas moist and clean.

A Skin Protectant/Moisturizer Such as Aquaphor© is Applied While Healing

It is important to keep the treated skin moist while healing. A moisturizer such as Aquaphor© is applied to the skin twice daily until the top layers heal.

The Face is Cleaned with Water and a Gentle Cleanser While Healing

The face is generally washed with lukewarm water and a gentle facial cleanser while healing. A solution of diluted vinegar is sometimes used as well.

Antibiotic and Anti-Viral Medications are Taken

Every patient takes antiviral medications and antibiotics to reduce the risk of a bacterial infection and/or the activation of a dormant viral infection that also causes cold sores.

A Moisturizer and Sunscreen are Applied After the Skin Has Healed

The healing process does not end after seven to ten days. A slight pink hue often develops in some areas after the skin has healed, which usually fades during the first few months after treatment. It is important to avoid prolonged sun exposure for months after surgery during this time. It is important to keep a moisturizer on the skin in addition to wearing a hat and sunglasses and applying a mineral-based sunscreen. A good moisturizer is the Skinceuticals© product Epidermal Repair. My patients apply Epidermal Repair to the treated skin for approximately three months after the skin has healed.

Trust Your Face to a Facial Plastic Surgeon

It is important to seek a fellowship-trained specialist in plastic surgery of the face and neck when you have concerns about your face or neck.

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