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Neck Liposuction Versus a Neck Lift: Which Procedure is the Most Appropriate for Me?

Neck liposuction and a neck lift procedure each address specific concerns about the neck and the area under the jaw. Seek a fellowship-trained specialist in facial plastic surgery to help determine the most appropriate approach for you.

Changes Can Occur in All Layers of the Neck

Changes can occur at all layers of the neck with aging. The skin and muscles of the neck loosen, forming bands. Fat accumulates immediately below the skin and deep to the neck muscles. These changes can cause the jawline to lose definition and the neck to appear poorly defined.

Neck Liposuction and a Neck Lift are Two Options for the Neck

Individuals who present with concerns about their neck and/or the area under their jaw may benefit from either neck liposuction or a neck lift procedure. However, a detailed history and physical exam should always be performed prior to making this decision.

Neck Liposuction Alone May Be Good for Younger Individuals

Neck liposuction, which involves the careful placement of small incisions hidden under the chin and sometimes behind the earlobes, can be a good option to treat patients who have accumulated fat close to the surface of their skin but with minimal skin and muscle changes. Neck liposuction tends to be a better procedure for younger individuals.

Submental liposuction recipient before & after photo

This younger patient demonstrated excess fat across her neck and the area under her chin, called the submentum. No excess skin or loose muscle was present. This patient was an excellent candidate for neck liposuction only. She could not be happier with her results only one week after surgery.

Neck Lift in Cincinnati

This younger patient demonstrated excess fat only in the area immediately under her jaw, called the submental area. As a result, she desired a more subtle result. She is thrilled with her results four months after surgery.

A Chin Implant with Neck Liposuction Can be a Powerful Procedure for Other Younger Individuals

Some people not only have lost definition of their jawline and neck over time but also have a poorly-defined chin. A chin that does not project out adequately relative to the lips and nose can exaggerate the appearance of the jawline and neck. That is why a chin implant and liposuction can be so powerful when paired. The patient of ours below is an excellent example of this.

MA_Before and After.png

This younger patient not only had concerns about the lack of definition to her jawline and neck, but also demonstrated a weakly projected chin. She received a small chin implant that contoured naturally to her jawline in addition to undergoing liposuction under her jawline and neck.

A Neck Lift May be More Appropriate for More Complex Changes

A neck lift is meant to address more complex changes to the neck more comprehensively, including the skin, muscle, and both superficial and deep fat. The superficial neck fat is usually removed under direct visualization with specialized instruments during a neck lift in Cincinnati. Performing only liposuction, especially aggressive liposuction, on an individual who is experiencing more complex age-related changes to their neck increases the risk of the skin scarring to the hanging muscle bands, worsening the appearance of the banding.

Trust Your Face to a Facial Plastic Surgeon

It is important to seek a fellowship-trained specialist in plastic surgery of the neck and face when you have concerns about your neck and/or the area under your jaw.

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