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How I Eliminate or Significantly Reduce Pain When Injecting Dermal Filler

One of the most common questions I receive when discussing an individual’s desire for hyaluronic acid filler is whether the procedure is painful. That is a very reasonable question. After all, I am using needles and micro-cannulas to place this product in specific areas of the face. These areas can be sensitive.

Topical Anesthesia is Not Sufficiently Effective

Many injectors utilize a suite of topical approaches to anesthesia, including topical creams or gels and vibratory devices. I have found that these approaches are helpful but inadequate to making placement of filler a comfortable experience.

Regional Blocks Transform the Experience

In addition to the above topical techniques, I take advantage of predictable facial anatomy to selectively anesthetize nerves that supply sensation to specific regions of the face. I use a tiny amount of local anesthesia injected within the vicinity of these nerves to generate broad numbness in the treatment area for the duration I need to place the filler. Performing these regional blocks also prevents the distortion of the treatment area with local anesthesia, which would make it difficult to achieve good aesthetic results.

For example, I perform regional anesthesia prior to placement of hyaluronic acid filler in the lips. The lips are a very sensitive area of the body. However, injection of filler here need not be painful. There are two (2) pairs of nerves that supply most sensation to the lips. The first, the infra-orbital nerves, exit from the cheeks to the side of the nose and supply sensation to the upper lip. The second, the mental nerves, exit the jaw above and on either side of the chin and supply the sensation to the lower lip. Careful placement of local anesthesia to these locations can anesthetize the upper and lower lip in the areas where hyaluronic acid filler needs to be placed.

Trust Your Face to a Facial Plastic Surgeon

Regional blocks transform a generally very uncomfortable experience into a comfortable one. A more comfortable patient allows me room to place filler more accurately and precisely. That is only one benefit of having a facial plastic surgeon place dermal filler.

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